Happy PALentine’s Day!

Oh look! It’s Valentine’s Day. Okay, I confess I have some Valentine’s Day friendly cards but I’m not actually a fan of the celebration. If you are in a relationship, choose other days to go overboard with your affections. Make it a surprise, make it impulsive. Resist the urge to find yourself squashed in an overpriced restaurant… Continue reading Happy PALentine’s Day!

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it’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to

It’s coming up to the anniversary of registering my business as a bona-fide grown up big deal (read: with HMRC). Realistically, I didn’t put my official business hat on until several months later – once I’d recovered from the shock of losing my job… and stopped watching back to back television series under the guise of… Continue reading it’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to

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mermaid monday

It’s Monday, again! Today’s motivation is coming to you from (punk) performance poet John Cooper Clarke. My boyfriend took me along to see him on Saturday night in Edinburgh. Apart from a surprisingly aggressive audience (a full blown fight nearly broke out) it was witty, wonderful and wise. I’ve always enjoyed his work and listening to him when… Continue reading mermaid monday