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it’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to

It’s coming up to the anniversary of registering my business as a bona-fide grown up big deal (read: with HMRC). Realistically, I didn’t put my official business hat on until several months later – once I’d recovered from the shock of losing my job… and stopped watching back to back television series under the guise of it being market research.

Time for me to reflect on what I thought I would achieve by now. And what I’ve actually achieved.

There’s a bit of a gap. Ok. A BIG, heaving, gulping gap.

But there’s lots of little things I’m proud of.
Plus it’s fun. Really, really fun. I mean, sure – the financial side isn’t so fun. But the drawing, the coming up with new ideas and all the wordplay… there’s no feeling like it. And when someone sees my work, and it brings a smile to their face and they get that feeling where they just have to have it… yeah that. Well that creates an uncontrollable bubble of excitement and happiness inside of me, and I secretly squeal ‘they picked me, they picked me’. Because, in a way, they are picking me. My personality – all of it – goes into my work.

When someone buys my work, I feel like they ‘get’ me. Plus I hope I’m ‘getting’ them. I don’t know about you, but I love choosing gifts for people. Finding that one perfect thing – whether it’s a card or a gift – that sums someone up. And I want to create the same experience for others.

As I’ve sold at a fair few markets, I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing these moments first hand. Obviously, I try to play it super cool* when someone says they love one of my products (* does red cheeks, averted eyes, mumbling some kind of thank you count as super cool?).

These moments I’ve had, they’re worth celebrating. So I’m holding a thank you party – for my customers, for my friends and for my family who’ve all been so supportive on this adventure. Full details are coming soon – the event will definitely involve some exclusive product sneak peeks. Plus probably bubbles. I haven’t decided if they will be of the blowing or the drinking variety yet. Of course, there are people who have supported me far and wide who won’t be able to attend the party – so I’m trying to figure out a way to thank them as well. Watch this space.

In the meantime, I’ve put together some tiny photos of the journey so far. Including some never-seen-before photos where I tried to take a selfie wearing or using my products. You can see why I haven’t publicised those before.all-my-best-bits-together-small


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