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a magical start

Oh, hello, stranger. It’s been a while. Again.

There’s not much point in making excuses this time, I’ll only start to sound like a broken record so, instead, let’s go straight into it. IT’S 2017!

Is it my New Year’s Resolution to write more in this blog? Nope. But I am aiming to increase my creativity and consistency this year so you never know – more blogging could be a happy side-effect of my resolution.

I’m kicking this post off with… unicorns. You (by ‘you’, I mean the you that have come to my fairs/ shopped in my etsy) keep asking for more unicorns. My unicorn sprinkles just aren’t enough any more. At the same time I was hearing all of these declarations of undying unicorn love, I was having a confidence crisis in my selling skills at craft fairs. Then, one day, I indadvertedly sold some work. Only it was someone else’s work.

Suddenly, an epiphany! It’s not that I can’t sell, I just find it a problem having the belief and confidence in my own work. And I know it’s not just me that has this problem – I bet you have some super awesome talent but don’t see how truly talented you are. Go on, you can tell me what your super awesome talent is! We all have something, we just need a little extra to realise it.


Oh, ok.

So after all that soul searching / self realisation / thinking about my fellow (wo)man, I wanted to design something really positive. Something that people can look to for guidance and empowerment. Something that reminds people of the strength of their talents. Something… that involves unicorns.

Believe in yourself.

What’s that?

I said, believe in yourself.

I still didn’t hear you.

Believe in yourself.

And the ‘believe in yourself’ unicorn was born – well, drawn. But close enough.


Top left: original sketch. Top right: scanned + vectorised version. Bottom left: unicorn enamel pin. Bottom right: unicorn giclee print.

Now, don’t worry. My sarcastic puns and slightly rude sayings are still here – they provide their own special kind of support and guidance. But for at least once, I wanted to design something sugary sweet with even extra added sweetness, so that no one misses the message – believe in yourself. I do.



2 thoughts on “a magical start

  1. Fantastic post Kerry. I have to say the unicorn is also having an affect on me. I’ve started the year with a incredibly optimistic feeling that I’ve not had for some time (it actually feels a bit odd!). Thanks to you for reminding people that you can get where you want to be. I definitely believe!

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