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Stand up or sit down

Oops. It’s been a while. I’ve started writing posts a few times, but never could never quite stomach making them public. The main reason is that I’m struggling to not feel ‘self obsessed’ as I start my new business – blog posts about my new business and the trials and tribulations I’m facing would have just added fuel to that feeling of self obsession.

So here’s my plan. A short post about some of my key concerns over starting to do craft fairs. A photo or two from said craft fairs. Then, a view to write blog posts in the future about what I’ve been working on – starting with some creepy cute girls I’ve drawn!

Quick craft fair summary… my main, genuine concern at craft fairs is whether to stand up or sit down. When sitting down, I’m obscured by some of the product racks I have and can’t really see customers. When standing up, I feel like I’m menacing over customers. At the moment, I’ve opted for the menacing approach. If any craft fair attendees have a preference over what they prefer, let me know! And if you do find me at a craft fair and I look a little uneasy, it’s probably because I’m still agonising over the decision. It’s funny how the little things can escalate into big things.

I’m also finding that because craft fairs are all shiny and new to me, I enjoy a lovely comment about my work just as much as someone buying something. That might change when my bank balance hits rock bottom, but right now I take great delight if I see someone sneaking a giggle at my puns, or remarking (kindly) about my work. Keep it up, kind public!



That’s all I’m committing to just now. Here are some photos from recent fairs – the one on the left is from Bohemia Craft Fair (held at Greyfriars Kirk, Edinburgh) and the one on the right is from Morningside Makers Market (held at the Columcille Centre, Edinburgh).

Next post, a highlight on my creepy cute gals! If you can’t wait until then (and, let’s face it, who knows how long it’s going to be with me) then you can see them on my etsy store here .


5 thoughts on “Stand up or sit down

    1. Aw, thank you for your tips – I just always feel so awkward! My boyfriend is so much better at talking with ease to people. I definitely need to work on my awkwardness!

      1. Don’t worry about what people think. Have you ever spoken to an awkward artist at a show before? It’s no big if you aren’t poised. People think that is part of your creative mystique.

  1. Oh man. My first instinct would be to hide behind my stuff. I’m so bad at engaging people.

    Something I’ve seen people do is clear a small space in the middle of the table and actually work on stuff. Like drawing your designs or something. People like watching artists at work — so you aren’t feeling like you’re looming, but there’s something that will draw people to you.

    1. Thank you Annie! I tried the drawing thing too but it also felt awkward. I think I am just doomed to feeling awkward – maybe I need to learn how to use that to my advantage!
      I need to catch up with your etsy post – I scanned over it on the reader version in my email, but it looks like something I should read properly! Congratulations on the 1 year. I’m just trying to work on my SEO more now… I thought I had but when I further researched it, I think I was getting it all wrong!

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