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mermaid monday

It’s Monday, again!

Today’s motivation is coming to you from (punk) performance poet John Cooper Clarke. My boyfriend took me along to see him on Saturday night in Edinburgh. Apart from a surprisingly aggressive audience (a full blown fight nearly broke out) it was witty, wonderful and wise.

I’ve always enjoyed his work and listening to him when he features on BBC Radio 6 so it was great to see and hear him in the flesh. John Cooper Clarke has such a master of delivery, rhythm and human/societal observation.

If you follow my illustrative work at all, you may have noticed I love a little wordplay. Of late, I do feel that the more boring aspects of business have been taking over and reducing my creative time. Seeing him has reminded me of my plans to start incorporating more wordplay into my work.  Has reminded me that it’s important to always keep your core ideas in mind.  And most of all, has reminded me that I like to use my work as an outlet to keep me looking at the lighter things in life, whether I bring that in through cute and kitsch drawings or through observational puns. Of course I still need to take care of the boring things but that illustrated book of poems for modern gals I’ve always dreamed of doing… well, I admit it still sits below sorting out my accounts but starting it just got brought forward that little bit sooner.

I would recommend finding audio versions of John Cooper Clarke’s work. There’s something enlightening about that Mancunian drawl delivering realism, self-realisation and stark observation.

Quick snippets of other things going on – I missed a biggie in my last blog post (blame it on the travelling). I have a stockist in Edinburgh! It’s a fabulous new place called Ladyboss Collective – in a nutshell, it’s a nailbar meets gallery space meets artists collective meets vintage fashions store. Yup. So something for everyone, really. Here’s some pics, but it will be constantly evolving an adding new excitements… if you’re in Edinburgh, check it out and support your local businesses and artists.ladyboss collective image 1

My mermaid colouring book is selling well, and I’ve also added some of my original mermaid illustrations in sticker form and postcards to my etsy. Here are some photos, but be sure to check out my etsy store to see all the mermaid madness on offer.

mermaid fun



2 thoughts on “mermaid monday

    1. Thank you so much Annie – I will definitely check out Dessa. She can be another thing to add to my Monday distractions… I mean motivations. I particularly admire poets who mix it up with rap/spoken word etc… adding even more emphasis to their words. It’s an outstanding talent.

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