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friday feels

Oops. I missed my Monday motivation post. It was going to happen sooner or later. In my slight defence, I was travelling.

Another crazy week in the journey of setting my own business up. My head is still crowded with creative ideas, which is somewhat fogging my drive to work on the more administrative tasks. I have finally signed up for an accountant – the bookkeeping spreadsheet pushed me to the edge of tears. I thought it would make at least a little sense but it doesn’t. It’s going to be a long road ahead, learning the ins and outs of accountancy!

So let’s call this Friday Fire and throw in a little motivation and inspiration, to make up for Monday. After a recommendation from a friend I have recently started following Meighan O’Toole. She’s pretty damn ace and offers lots of tips and support for creative businesses on digital strategy. She just sent out a link to this excellent article on writer & illustrator Emily McDowell. It’s a fantastic read on Emily’s journey in setting up her own business, the problems of growth, business versus personal life, and the struggle to find creative time.

I’m by no means at this stage, but identified with much of what she said. A current problem I have is finding the right quality of supplier – and Emily mentions in her article the struggles of branching out into products other than greetings cards and art prints. It absolutely is tricky! I’m finding it much harder than I anticipated to find quality that I am happy with. It’s been a drain on my time, my finances and my sanity – but will be absolutely worth it, knowing that I am only applying my art to quality products.

Saying that, I do have a great giclee supplier! The print quality is just lovely, with an almost velvety finish to the ink. Here’s a photo of some of them (slowly adding these to my etsy store).


In other news, it’s National Doughnut Day! Hope you’ve had a sweet week, and have lots of tasty times at the weekend! Here’s a quick sketch I did, imaginatively entitled doughnut girl.

ice cream fairies altogether 24 by 30



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