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just another manic monday

It’s come round to that time again, monday motivation! So what is motivating me this week? Well, today’s motivation is brought to you by – women! Yup. Women are motivating me today, and always. I went to my last business gateway ‘women in business’ course on saturday – the class was full of so many talented ladies, with different ideas, backgrounds and aspirations but all incredibly supportive. i left with a lot of wisdom, but some words from our tutor will stick with me – ‘we’re women, so why shouldn’t we do business differently and in our way?’. I think it’s important to not always hold yourself to others’ opinions and views, and to really follow your own intuition. Of course, follow proven methods and seek advice and help – but don’t underestimate your own opinion and ideas. A woman who I feel really hammers this home for me is Sara Tasker. I won’t say anything but rather advise you to read this brilliantly written article, in The Stylist, about her journey here.

Monday is also a day to focus on recent positives. It’s easy for me to feel sorry for myself – Right now, working crazy hours are crazy for what feels like minimum progress. Plus, bizarrely, I keep on getting ill – for me that’s unheard of as I am (or was!) a relatively well person. But, bitching aside, there have been lots of positives in the last week.

As you may have read in my previous post, my mermaid colouring books have arrived! I’ve also received delivery of some of my designs as greeting cards and the printed quality is excellent. You can buy these in my etsy store, and I’ll be adding more over the coming weeks. I also have a website, of sorts, fully functioning and some interim business cards. Bit by bit, my Ladykerry empire is getting there. There are more exciting products on their way this week, so I will talk about them soon. And, of course, I am still quietly working away on my dinosaur designs.


all card wordpress delete

For now, I will leave you with some words from one of Sara Tusker’s Instagram posts… ‘don’t quit your day dream’.


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