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mer’maid’ to colour

So, finally, my mermaid colouring book is here!

It feels like such an age since I started it, to the point I was almost glad to see the back of it. Here are some not overly sexy photos (need to get some proper photos taken, but these will do in the interim. Hey, if it can look good on my phone photos then I’m onto a winner).

draftmerpics wordpress

I’m anxious about the reception of this in the human world… my friends and family are, as always, incredibly supportive. I am hoping the wider public likes it too. For this colouring book I really wanted the emphasis to be on fun, amusement and appreciation of a pun as opposed to intense colouring sessions. So I have drawn some sassy mermaids (32 made it into the final book) with some mermaid based catchphrases and puns. My humour can be a little odd, so this will be a real test of my commercial potential (or lack thereof).

I have also made the age range pretty wide – I’m recommending ages 10+ but in reality younger children could use it too, as long as parents are comfortable with them using colouring crayons or pencils – and don’t mind them seeing a mermaid in a shell top!

So many hours went into this… coming up with silly ideas anywhere and everywhere, keeping notes of sayings that would crop up at inopportune moments, pestering my friends to make sure they approved of my mermaids, fixing stray lines on scales and hair, filtering through the twenty something different title options I came up with. It’s been a real work of love and hate. Seeing the finished product was a mixed bag of feelings – while I am really proud of it, there are now things I would change. But that’s the life of a creative – constantly flowing ideas and constant self criticism.

Here’s hoping people love it. If not, onto the next project with my mermaid tail between my legs (glad that joke didn’t make it into the book. It makes no sense.)




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