Starting my business


Still slow progress on setting myself up to sell, however I’ve booked on my first two craft fairs which is exciting and more than a little daunting!

I was also fortunate enough to get onto a 4 part course run by Edinburgh’s Business Gateway: Women in Business. Amazingly, the course is free – they run a wide variety of courses and offer support. I’d strongly recommend checking them out if you’re considering starting something up yourself, or even if you already have started but just want extra support and advice.

As a nervous person, I almost didn’t go. Thank the lucky stars that social awkwardness didn’t get in the way this time! It was a lovely, welcoming group – everyone with their own unique business ideas and dreams (and I am sure nerves too).

I don’t want to delve into too many details as I am conscious that people should be attending the course, not reading about it. However, here are some soundbites from the collective discussions that somewhat struck a chord –

You are your product. You are your brand. Be the Queen of self promotion.

It’s ok to fail. It’s ok to ask for help. Listen to feedback, but know when to use it and when to stay true to yourself and your core.

We were asked “what are the key characteristics of a successful businesswoman?”. In my discussion group, our list got so long that we ended up joking that ‘wonderwoman’ was apt. Jokes aside, here are some of my other favourites from the whole group – persistence (but not pushy), self belief, communication, listening & questioning, be willing to take risks… and, most importantly, acknowledge that everything you do from now on is going to be outwith your comfort zone!

So, there I go, waving goodbye to my comfort zone. I’m looking forward to the next instalment (which is concentrating on marketing). In the meantime, I drew a little wonderwoman fairy sketchcard, so I can remember the characteristics I need to aspire to.

wonderman sketchcard blog




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