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some things…

Setting my self up to sell and to work freelance is moving slowly, but I am still creating new things. Here is a short post sharing some of those things…

Spoonflower have a new contest theme of Japanese Garden.

Japanese design, culture, approach…everything, it’s so inspiring! I love kawaii style, so I worked on a design that mixed up a kawaai influenced style with a background inspired by Japanese gardens. It was fascinating, reading about the approach of Japanese gardens – the miniature worlds, the importance of flow and of all paths leading to something. I hand-drew patterns and symbols inspired by these traditions, and then drew some kawaii influenced flowers. The only thing that is not hand-drawn is the dotted background (too lazy!). I further heightened the contrast by using a muted blueish-grey on the background, and bright popping colours on the flowers.

Spoonflower are doing the competition in association with Sprout Patterns, who have a great service where you can buy clothes patterns and the fabric to make it together. Here are the results of my work! Alongside a mock up of how the pattern would look on the Sprout Pattern kimono.

Japanese Garden Kawaii ladykerrydesign

Voting for the best design is now open at Spoonflower (until 27th). I’m not holding out any hope to even make it into the top 100 as there are some truly stunning designs – but I enjoyed working on this one, and I like it so I’m happy.

Of course it wouldn’t be a blog post without a reference to one of my latest fascinations. Yes you’ve guess it, mermaids. The colouring book is nearing completion to go to print, and the process of working on it has led to many off shoots. I found that I enjoyed drawing them so much (and the abundance of associated mermaid wordplay) that I’ve started creating a line of original A5 line drawings. On some super smooth, super lovely bristol board paper. It’s a dream to draw on. I’m considering adding them to my etsy store, but it’s tricky pricing an original drawing!


Here’s a small selection of some of them…

mermaid line drawings

That’s me for now. Have a lovely weekend.



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