Starting my business

mirror, mirror

Any other creatives find their own mind a little overwhelming sometimes? I’m attempting to start selling some of my work, but feel pulled in so many different directions… and while I know I need to focus on the practical things (online shop, tax, bank accounts, marketing) all I want to do right now is create new designs.

Maybe the danger of starting to sell your work means that it loses some of its fun and creativity – but at the same time being able to share your work, and find admirers who share your vision, is a pretty special feeling. Plus, of course, money for new pens, sketchbooks and coffee is always useful.

I’ve hit, shall we say, a stumbling block in that I don’t have the safety of a full time job any more. However, I have support of my friends and family to take a chance on myself and my work – but it’s a double edged sword, will selling my work be to survive or to thrive?

As a cautious person, it’s scary. Yet also exciting.

I’ve decided to give myself a chance. At least for a little while. The biggest hurdle will be getting the balance between the practical and the creative, between the need to survive and the need to not make it feel like survival. To keep it fun.

I’m (literally) starting small with some pocket mirrors using some of my existing designs. And while I work out the boring things (like how on earth I ship outwith the UK affordably) here is an exciting thing – a photo of some of the designs.

mirror mirror

So here’s to taking a chance on yourself, and new adventures. I would love to hear from people in the same boat. I may post my progress, although hopefully only on the fun stuff rather than just the practical stuff. Not making any promises though.



4 thoughts on “mirror, mirror

  1. I can totally relate! It becomes worth the hassle of selling when you see how much people enjoy your stuff. Then you have thrice the fun…the making, the giving, and the getting paid!

    1. Sorry it took so long to reply – what lovely words of encouragement! As you say, I just need to work through the hassle… and hopefully it will get to the fun part!

  2. Selling my designs does give me brain overload sometimes. There are days when I’m working on SEO and I’d rather be drawing something. But every single time I sell something it gives me this little “They like me! They really like me!” high. It can be addicting.

    1. Thank you for the support! I am glad to hear other people get sidetracked by thoughts of creation rather than the practical side. I will remember your advice next time my mind wanders from the practical tasks 😉

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