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how it began

Those of you unlucky enough to have been reading all my posts of late will have noticed things have gone a bit mermaid-colouring-in-book-centric. I thought I would share some of the background to the idea.

As much as I love fairies, I also have some friends who LOVE mermaids so I thought I would indulge them a little… while combining it with one of my other favourite things, some word play. So what better than a mermaid babe with some body positivity “What a catch” (shown below next paragraph).

Then, as luck would have it, Spoonflower were doing a month of fabric design prompts and Day 12 was Typographic. I thought it would be cool to explore more mermaid based *ahem* catchphrases, surrounded by some mer-gals. I hand drew everything then scanned and converted to vectors… and completed it with shades of blue, green, orange pink and yellow.

mermaid blog pic ladykerry

During the process, I couldn’t turn off the mermaid ideas tap (clearly) – and one of my mermaid loving friends suggested that she would love a colouring-in book of my mermaids. Who doesn’t love to please a friend?  So that’s where it all began. Perhaps a boring journey, but a journey nonetheless.

While that journey is continuing, here is the end result of the my mermaid typography fabric design (now available at Spoonflower). Top left shows some of my original sketches, top right shows a section of the final design repeat. Bottom left is a photograph of the design printed onto some cotton poplin. Bottom right shows some obligatory mini rubber ducks, hanging out with the mermaids.

mermaid blog pic ladykerry 2




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