why hello, stranger

Oh hello, WordPress. It’s been a while.

I’ve been forced to write a blog entry by an angry friend who shouted at me. Ok, they more gently requested that I wrote an entry… but I took it as a serious threat.

It’s hard to sum up nearly a year of blog inactivity – what have I been up to? Lots of little projects but I don’t think anything blog-worthy. I’ve moved house, so have spent time finding new nooks and crannies for my mess… I mean art.

However, in the last week I have been keeping myself entertained with some doodles that have earned a place in this blog. I experimented with a slight manga twist on my usual fairies… for some reason this led to all sorts of weird fun. I’m going to call the series Manga Modernisms… the situations range from first world problems to fairy takes on the modern world. Really just trying to poke some fun at this world. They’re all available as prints (and more) at my society 6 store. Here’s a selection of a few of them.

manga modernisms

And a special place goes to this one. I don’t like her style as much, but I feel that the rainbow spew is very topical (although I don’t have a snapchat account).


On that note, I’m off! It’s been short and sweet, WordPress. Hopefully I’ll keep this blog up a bit more actively… maybe post up some photos of some of the not blog-worthy bits and pieces I’ve been up to in 2015 so far. But then, a girl is entitled to change her mind. Sorry in advance to my singular friend that reads this ;).


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