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Feeling fat…

Feeling fat.

Only joking (although it is Winter in the UK, and who doesn’t appreciate a little extra insulation in the colder months?).

I’m talking about a different kind of fat – fat quarters, to be precise. Spoonflower are doing a 2 for 1 on fabric fat quarters. The sale starts Thursday, November 6th, 2014 (9am EDT) and finishes Wednesday, November 12th (10 pm EDT).  I’ve been planning on making cushions from some of the designs from my Legend of the Phoenix collection so it seems a good as time as any. To make the most of the 2 for 1 I will make envelope style cushions, and use the fat quarters for the front panel only. I can’t promise how quickly I will get round to sewing them, but I will promise to post up finished pics!

I have to admit that I was also tempted to buy some Christmas material and make more stars – I made this batch a few weeks ago, to use up some 8″ fabric swatch samples. I used one 8″ swatch per side and even for a novice like me, they were pretty easy to sew. I can’t wait to hang them up at Christmas! If you made them around 6/7″ each and were careful, you could get 6 sides per fat quarter. Next on the list will be hearts for Valentine’s day…


But it doesn’t stop there. Society 6 are also doing a promo until the 9th November, for free worldwide shipping and $5 off each item (if you fancy buying any of my stuff, you can only get the deal by using this link). So I am busy trying to finish some ideas for Christmas gifts to take advantage of this deal.

I’ve posted photos below of both Spoonflower and Society 6 products. The rainbow fairy clock was kindly bought by a good friend as a gift for a family member. “Dorothy” fairy is so pretty! Another pretty item – my “eclectic” heart fabric (soon to be made into a cushion for my lovely nana! Photos very soon). Then the slightly more sinister, but still pretty sweet, “a little sugar” fabric. This is a fat quarter fabric sample which I am pretending to wear as a skirt. Must develop my sewing skills a little further than cushions, as it sure would make a mean skirt (even if I do say so myself!). Last on this collage is my “mexican skulls” clock. This was bought by, well, me. For…um…me. (Greedy, I know – but there’s a new home for it to go to in a few weeks where it will take pride of place).

One last photo collage! On this one I have shown some of the fabrics I am considering buying as fat quarters for my cushions. Beneath that I’ve shown some mugs which match the fabric collection, available from my Society 6 shop. Now here’s the big question – is it greedy (plus a little pattern crazy) for me to buy the mugs as well as the fabric?

Over and out. I’ll definitely be busy over the next few days trying to decide what Christmas presents to stock up on for my friends and family (plus yours truly).

I’ll try and post up photos on my blog once I’ve finished some more projects – but suspect they may stay slightly more in fantasy land rather than finished land, as I am a little distracted with a house move. Fingers crossed I will have a new house to fill with all my purchases, in just a few weeks! Or at the very least, in time for Christmas.


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