Edinburgh Fringe 2014

Edinburgh Fringe 2014… the Finale

Well, as has become habit for me, I saw too many Fringe shows in too short of a time and ran out of steam. Well, got what I affectionately refer to as ‘Fringe Fever’. Still slightly recovering from the Fringe overdose illness, I forgot to review the last of the shows I went to. In fact, it’s all become a little blurry and I can’t quite remember what I did go to!

One show that I can remember (with displays of nudity that perhaps I wish I didn’t remember) was The Cuban Brothers. I’ve seen these guys before in Newcastle but i believe this is the first time in a while they have returned to Edinburgh. What can I say? They are so much fun, armed with some interesting wardrobe choices, energetic vocals and some kick ass dance moves. Not for the faint hearted, but certainly for those who like some fun. Love the accents.

A little reminder for myself for Edinburgh Fringe 2015 (apart from maybe spacing shows out a bit more sympathetically) – check out Larry Dean and Vikki Stone, both acts I had seen as part of some of the BBC at Edinburgh Festivals shows. One more for next year – Paul Currie. I can’t say I have seen any of what he does but he handed me a flyer last year (yup, 2013) and I liked his face. What can I say? Sometimes I choose a show on the merit of the performer’s face. And although Paul Currie’s face (and subsequent light research into reviews on his comedy, to which the write ups suggest I would like his comedy too) the same choosing tactic did work for Aunty Donna. I liked the look of their faces, booked the tickets and as it turns out – they were my favourite act of Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014.

Until next time.


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