Making Shapes

As usual, I have been a little lackadaisical with tracking my antics in blog form. Edinburgh has been unusually sunny so I though it about time to post some of the summer inspired fabric designs I’ve been working on. My aim was to design a pattern that I would love to make a summer skirt out of. The pattern is done! The skirt is not. Unfortunately it will probably be next Summer before a skirt emerges…but at least I have some pretty patterns to look at in the meantime.

This was a real labour of love and is comprised of hand drawn line-work shapes (primarily triangles and loose floral inspired geometrics). A lot of the shapes have more shapes within them, creating an intricate look.

The grey colour scheme with splashes of bright colour is the intended skirt victim! I also worked on a few co-ordinating pattern designs for this one (in case I ever get really handy with a sewing machine, and want to do contrasting pockets/hems etc).

Summer shapes fabric collection - grey
Summer shapes fabric collection – grey

As I liked it so much (modest, much?) I did a couple of other colourways too. At the moment just blue and green but eventually I hope to expand. Then it doesn’t need to just need to be a summer based fabric design! I also worked on a tote bag design (using the blue colourway) on Society 6  for a friend and was really pleased, again, with the quality of the Society 6 tote bag. I do hope my friend is putting it to good use as she sits on a sunny beach (in an undisclosed location) in Europe!


That’s all for now. I am working on some other things (including another colour option for this pattern design) but some are top secret, so I can’t divulge. With the Fringe Festival coming up I expect that my next few entries will be Fringe based rather than fabric based… but still fun!


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