Fabric Designs · Fairytales

Taking flight.

Continuing my Society 6 journey I got a couple of tote bags printed for myself, and a friend also ordered some for some very special young ladies! The tote bags are very robust and I’m pleased with the quality. The print is a little ‘fuzzy’ but this is because of the canvas material, so is to be expected. I have to admit, I really like the tote bags as a platform for my fairies! I also love the fact that they are printed double sided, it means I don’t have remember which way to face the bag when out walking. Here’s a photo of how they turned out:


I have to confess, I got these delivered a while ago! But my day job has been taking up a lot of extra hours, so I’ve been a bit pushed for my own projects. However I have managed to squeeze in a little one…

Spoonflower ran another competition that caught my eye “floral coloring book wallpaper” – which somewhat appeals to my childish side. (Childish side – who are we kidding? More like wholly childish). I went a bit wild and didn’t just restrict it to flowers, but tried to create a little fantasy floral existence where strange creatures buzzed around the flowers. It all went a little wacky – I combined eyes, lips, hands and feet with flowers and for the creatures I incorporated flowers or leaves into their bodies. So that everything keeps a floral soul!

I think it would be fun to colour in, although it might give some people nightmares (so much so that I was going to call it “bloom’in’doom” but went for a more friendly “Peculiar Petal Pen-friends”). I’m not sure how well it will do in the competition as I know there will be amazing entries which I’m really looking forward to seeing but I’m happy with it and hope to do a colourful version, and also potentially adapt it for some tote bag designs etc on Society 6. Who knows – I might even add in a fairy to the design some day!





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