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The journey continues.

I got great news last week – my entry into the Spoonflower Chinese paper cutting contest came 6th! There were some absolutely fantastic entries that ranged from the very traditional, beautifully executed designs to the cute and quirky (like this and this). I was obviously ecstatic (and surrpised) that my trip doodles were received well, it made the days and days of working on it absolutely worth it.

Spoonflower was doing a ‘silky faille’ swatch giveaway so I took the opportunity to do a variant on my original design that would fit in a small frame… the red is extremely vibrant in the silky faille compared to the same colour on cotton. Excuse the slight reflection in the photo.

It’s such an addiction – trying to harness the ideas swimming around in my head in fabric form! I’m still catching up with taking photos and compiling some of my existing designs – I finally photographed my cloud skirt… (nice, cheery and bright – a bit of a contrast to the dreadful weather we’ve been having in the UK). It’s the third skirt I’ve sewn (with more than a little help from my mum) using a skirt dressmaking pattern from the talented Tilly – the pattern can be purchased here. It’s fantastic as it’s a wrap around so doesn’t need a zip – great for sewing novices like me.


‘Til the next experiment!


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