Fabric Designs

Here is the new year.

Oops. Well it’s been some time since my last inane blog chatter…I mean post. I have been busy, just not so good at the documenting side of things! One of the things keeping me busy was a 6 week trip last year, primarily in China. Since my return I’ve been working on various fabric designs but then an upcoming Spoonflower contest theme caught my eye; “Chinese Paper Cutting”. A perfect theme to focus some of my designing efforts, and as it holds such a personal connection I hoped I would end up with a design that I liked irrespective of whether it does well.
One of the things that I loved about China, evident in the areas I visited, was the real coming together of traditional culture and cutting edge, modern design. I wanted to try inject my design with some modern elements but still respecting traditional paper cutting – but above all, the design should act as a mini story of my trip in China.

Naturally I started with a dragon! I love dragons! In China they feature alongside the phoenix in lots of imagery, so coupling it with a phoenix was a natural progression – keeping traditional Chinese design at heart. To bring in elements of my trip I doodled loose representations of some of my favourite things in China… the Karst mountains, bamboo, The Great Wall, River Yulong.  All connected by stars (national flag) and swirls and weaves representing the friendships we made along the way. The one thing I couldn’t work out how to visually fit in the story was my love of the food in China – shame, as taste wise – it’s stunning!


It’s been fabulous fun (doodling, doodling and more doodling) – I just need to decide which design layout to enter into the contest (a few are pictured below). After that, I’ll begin work on a version that can be sewn onto a duvet cover – giving in to the demands of my other half, who loves China even more than I do! Well, one things for sure – I know the design has at least one fan!



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